Troubleshooting Zoom out issue in Appium

Qxf2 has steadily been improving the mobile automation capabilities of our Test automation framework that wraps around Appium. We wanted to add support for the traditional pinch-to-zoom method in our framework. To achieve this, we used the SwagLabs as the application under test and developed this feature. In this post, we’ll discuss a particular challenge we faced with the zoom […]

Percy Unveiled: Addressing Challenges and Grey Areas

Visual testing has been around for quite some time, yet most development teams tend to focus on unit and integration tests alone. These tests mainly look at the application’s logic, overlooking any potential visual issues at the UI level. By bringing in visual testing, we can catch these visual problems early on and fix them before the product goes live. […]

Tcases: Auto-generating API Tests

Most development teams that Qxf2 works with, describe and document their APIs using Open API specification. This means, there is a set structure for folks to write tests. Handcrafting the simple test cases can be cumbersome and time consuming. Given there is a set structure, we started to look out for solutions that could create API tests based on an […]

Integrating CloudWatch Alarms with Skype

At Qxf2, our AWS environment hosts a multitude of applications, so monitoring the AWS services in real time is crucial for maintaining system reliability and performance. We’ve been using CloudWatch alarms to help us watch over our resources, these alarms used to send us emails whenever something went wrong. The problem was, it is often easy to miss these alerts […]

Troubleshooting Common Issues when using Chef InSpec with GitHub Actions

At Qxf2, we have been using Infrastructure tests at our clients for a while now. We recently came up with the idea of adding some infrastructure tests for our own servers and applications within Qxf2. We used Chef Inspec to write and execute our tests. Chef InSpec is a popular open-source framework that helps you test and review your applications […]

Introduction to Bi-Directional Contract Testing

In our previous blog we gave you an introduction to contract testing, explained Consumer-Driven Contract Testing approach ,setting up Consumer-Driven Contract tests, using Provider states and some of its drawbacks as well. In this blog we will introduce you to the concept of Bi-Directional Contract Testing. We will also show you how to setup Bi-Directional contract tests with an illustrative […]