Introduction to Chrono Crate in Rust

Qxf2 is writing about commonly used Rust libraries. This series of posts is aimed at testers (like us) who want to start using Rust as part of their daily work. In this post, we will show you how to use Chrono. Chrono aims to provide all functionality needed to do correct operations on dates and times. Getting Started Setting up […]

How we debugged a Flask session error

Qxf2‘s CI test started failing recently, debugging the error helped us learn about an important aspect of serving Flask application using Uvicorn workers. In this short post I will be going over the details on how we went about identifying the error. Understanding the problem We started with the pytest output summary for the failed API test to validate our […]

Open sourcing Newsletter Generator using Terraform

This post aims to help testers create a test environment for practicing testing microservice-based architecture. A lot of testers would like to learn how to test applications that are loosely coupled microservices. But testing these applications generally require access to cloud based infrastructure. So the most common way professional testers first test such applications is at their day job. This […]