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Do you want to become more ‘technical’ as a tester but have no clue about how to get there? Sign up for our weekly newsletter. We are calling it the ‘Informed tester’s newsletter’ (naming is hard!). It will help you stay in touch with the happenings in the world of testing and technology. The newsletter will go out every Friday.

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What you will get

The main benefit is that you get exposure to interesting articles that are (usually) about testing. You can also use it to spark conversations on technical topics within your QA team. We are calling it the ‘Informed tester’s newsletter’. We plan to have some subset of these sections in every newsletter:

1. Good testing related articles that were published this week
We read a lot and about varied topics. In this section, we’ll link to two recent articles that are relevant to testers.

2. An article from the past
We’ve stored (Evernote ftw!) a lot of interesting articles from the past years. Every week, we’ll share one evergreen article from the past.

3. Interesting articles about career development
I know most employees that join Qxf2 end up looking at testing and their career differently. They find the career-related articles that we share with them very helpful in changing their perceptions about work.

4. A relatable comic
I like cartoons. I use them as a humorous way to present a point of view. So, occasionally we’ll share some cartoons.

5. Automation corner
We looked at our traffic stats for this blog. It is obvious that a lot of our readers want to get better (or even start!) with automation. So we’ll share some of our most popular blog posts to help you get started.

6. You should know …
We work with startups and with mostly SaaS based products. There are several generic tools and skills that are useful (not just for testing). We hope this section will give you some exposure to some tools and techniques that SaaS-based startups commonly use. Example: A/B testing

7. Conference watch
We’ll give you a heads up about some interesting and upcoming conferences. We are introverts. So we rarely attend conferences. But we do watch the videos and live streams!

8. Video worth watching
This section is for people who do not like reading. There are several keynotes and conference talks from the past that are worth watching.

Why another newsletter?

Over the last few years, we have put out a lot of original and useful content on this blog. Hopefully, it has helped a few of you do better at your jobs. But within Qxf2, we read a lot of articles that other people write out too. We often share these articles on our Skype channel. I noticed many QA teams do not have the habit of reading, let alone sharing. So I have decided to share what we read. We are doing that by starting a newsletter. You can sign up for it in this form.

Sample newsletter

You can see a sample of the newsletter here. If it seems interesting to you, signup! Sign up and encourage your colleagues to sign up too. I expect this to be a nice starting point to becoming a more informed tester. We won’t spam you. And you can unsubscribe at any point.

If you have suggestions for what else you want in the newsletter, leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “The informed tester’s newsletter

  1. I need to locate the elements which are in canvas using selenium & Java. I found this blog in while searching on google. The solution you have given in python for canvas elements image verification. Is it possible to do the same thing in Java?

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