A guide to Regex Crate

Qxf2 is exploring commonly used Rust crates. We are writing a series of posts on useful crates to help you to understand how to use them with examples. This is blog is about the Rust Regex Crate. Disclaimer: We are not developers. But we make it a point to share out learning. This post was worked on in late 2023. […]

Percy Unveiled: Addressing Challenges and Grey Areas

Visual testing has been around for quite some time, yet most development teams tend to focus on unit and integration tests alone. These tests mainly look at the application’s logic, overlooking any potential visual issues at the UI level. By bringing in visual testing, we can catch these visual problems early on and fix them before the product goes live. […]

Insights from Git Logs for Testing teams

As testers, we are always looking for various tools that can help us enhance our testing. Our go-to tools are mostly defect tracking tools, exploratory testing of the product, and documentation. While these have been important, what if we could gain a fresh perspective by exploring the development activity? How might this aid us in aligning our testing efforts more […]