Integrating CloudWatch Alarms with Skype

At Qxf2, our AWS environment hosts a multitude of applications, so monitoring the AWS services in real time is crucial for maintaining system reliability and performance. We’ve been using CloudWatch alarms to help us watch over our resources, these alarms used to send us emails whenever something went wrong. The problem was, it is often easy to miss these alerts […]

Skype sender as a web service

I used the fantastic Python module Skpy to setup a ‘Skype sender’ as a web service. I did this work because I wanted to make it as easy to programmatically post to a Skype channel as it is to programmatically post to a Slack channel. If you know your channel id and have an API key, then posting a message […]

Writing a Skype listener using skpy

I implemented a Skype listener service that listens to messages posted on our common Skype channels. The Skype listener is written using an excellent Python module skpy. This listener serves as a building block for a few AI-based internal applications. This post outlines the implementation details. I hope it helps companies that still use Skype as their instant messaging tool. […]

Posting messages on a Skype group channel using Python

I recently wrote a script to post messages on Skype using Python. I used the excellent SkPy module. The module’s documentation is very good but examples on how to post messages to group chats was sparse. I had to muddle around, try things out with the Python interpreter and figure things out. In fact, I am not sure if I […]