Testing Solid App with Molid Mock Server

At Qxf2, we are excited to delve deeper into Solid technology and explore its potential. This is my second blog post discussing Solid Applications. In my previous blog, I shared about building a sample solid app. This application takes a WebID as input and returns the Profile Name and Friends list for that WebId. In this post, I will talk […]

Testing OpenAI Whisper with different accents

At Qxf2, we did some black box testing on OpenAI Whisper – a tool that does speech recognition well. OpenAI Whisper is also capable of language detection and translation. This model can be tested in various ways, by adjusting different voice attributes such as volume, pace, pitch, rate, etc. However, in this particular case, we have chosen to test it […]

Add Google Sign-In to your Flask app

Recently, I integrated SSO with Google Sign-In into a web application using the oauthlib library. While working on this project, I found plenty of resources on SSO and oauthlib separately, but struggled to find a tutorial that could guide me through the setup of Google Sign-In using oauthlib in a timely manner. Therefore, I’ve written this post to provide a […]

Combining Rust and Py03 with Python

Recently, Qxf2 has been transitioning to Rust and has been writing many blogs on various topics related to Rust. The main aim of these blogs is to document our progress. In this post, I am writing about how I used Py03/maturin tool to call a Rust library from Python. We have initiated a Rust-based project called “meme-generator” to generate attention-grabbing […]

Parameterize Tests in Rust: rstest

This post will discuss how to parameterize tests in Rust. Qxf2 likes the fact that Rust makes testing a first class citizen of the language. It provides a test runner out of the box. However, coming from Python land, we missed one feature – test parametrization. So went about looking for crates that could help. We have found rstest to […]

Rust Selenium Tests for Beginners

I created a repository of working examples for test automation on the web UI using the thirty-four crate. Beginners often have trouble finding good articles with fully working Rust code, especially professional testers who are learning the language along with UI automation. Therefore, I created something for this niche. If you are new to Rust testing and wondering how to […]