Host Great Expectations Test Results on Netlify

In this post, we will help you host your Great Expectations test results on Netlify, a web hosting platform. This post is third in our series to help testers implement useful tests with Great Expectations for data validation. Implementing tests and running them is job half done. As testers it is quite essential to make sure our test results reach […]

Technology trends at Qxf2 in 2021

Technical growth is one of the key factors to the success of any company. An organization that intends to stay competitive and relevant will make every effort to adapt to the latest technological trends. Let’s take a look back at how technical Qxf2 was in 2021 and the growth we had. Brief In this blog, we will try to uncover […]

Automation newsletter generation in Mailchimp

Why this post? At Qxf2, we use Mailchimp to send out our weekly newsletter. We have been following pairing activity every week to fill up our newsletter template in Mailchimp and schedule the newsletter. To fill the template, the paired-up team had to look at various resources to come up with articles for various sections, which is tedious so we […]

XRAY server version Integration with Jira for behave BDD

Why this post XRAY is a Test management plugin for Jira. This plugin helps you automate your complete testing process. Also, it has easy integration with BDD which is something we have implemented at our client. There are server and cloud versions of XRAY. This article talks about simple methods which we implemented to get XRAY Server integration done with […]