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We recently discovered the concept of Natural Language Generation. It felt like a nice challenge for testing. We researched around and found that there were not many guides on how…

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Natural Language Generation Summarization

We used to think writing (near) real-time applications that process multiple data streams was for the high IQ crowd and well-funded teams. This belief was probably strengthened by the fact…

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Docker python Wallaroo

Hey, Testers. It’s new year!!! and State of Testing Survey 2018 has gone live. Please consider participating in the survey and start the year by contributing to the testing community.…

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Docker Google Container Engine kubernetes minikube

Recently, I started my first experiments with Kubernetes, Google’s open-source orchestration platform for Linux Containers. As containers have become more important to businesses, it has become necessary to create a…

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Docker kubernetes minikube

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thoughts on testing

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thoughts on testing