Gradual familiarity as a learning tool

Most QA jobs offer daily opportunities to learn new things every day. Yeah, even the job you are at right now! We get introduced to new technologies and ideas that our colleagues work on. News about our competitors trickles in. We hear things during water-cooler conversations with coworkers. Our colleagues share interesting articles about technology. And so on. But we […]

State of Testing Survey: 2022

Hey testers, hope you all are fine and safe!! and would want to start new year with great enthusiasm and learning new technologies. State of Testing Survey 2022 has gone live. Please do take part in the survey and help the testing community to identify common testing trends. Why take this survey? This time the survey is going to explore, […]

End to End UI Automation using TestCafe

For one of our clients, TestCafe has been recently used for end-to-end(e2e) UI automation. TestCafe has a number of significant features, including simple setup, no web driver installation, support for all main operating systems, various browser support, reporting and HTTP Mocking. In this article, I’d like to show how to create UI tests with TestCafe, as well as how to […]

A hands-on QA training program for fresh graduates

Qxf2 Services is conducting a hands-on QA training program for freshers. The training program is practical and resembles real-work you will do as a tester. We do not follow the traditional teaching method. We believe in learning by applying and solving real-world problems. During the course of this program, you will test real applications, shadow senior QA engineers and work […]

Allure integration with pytest

Recently, I was on the lookout for a good open-source reporting tool other than the ReportPortal tool which we already integrated with pytest in the past. As a result, I came across a tool called Allure. When I started integrating allure with pytest, I stumbled upon a couple of errors as there was no straightforward guide to do so. Therefore, […]

Mocking date using Python freezegun library

Recently, I used freezegun library to mock date for writing unit test for microservices endpoint. This is a fairly new library and I could not find many examples online. So, I wanted to blog about my experience of using this library. Freezegun library allows our Python tests to travel through time by mocking the datetime module. Once the decorator or […]

Writing end to end test for microservices based architecture used for posting skype messages

Recently, I have attempted to test microservices based architecture where the AWS Lambda function consumes messages from a microservices endpoint and posts them to the skype channel. I have made an attempt to add most of the validations for the flow. I have included this end-to-end test in the below blog. Background: The above architecture explains, microservices based architecture which […]