Hello! Welcome to our blog. We are Qxf2 Services. We love testing. We want to help testers. We want to improve the state of testing. And we want to get better ourselves. To that end, we share tutorials and our thoughts about testing on this blog. We hope the posts get you started, clarify some confusions, spark new ideas and birth some insights. Most importantly, we want the posts to begin a conversation on testing.

Our blog is the primary vehicle we use to help other testers and advance the state of testing. Every month thousands of testers access our tutorials and thoughts on testing. We take time to answer questions and help other testers. We seem to have high credibility with the Google Gods too – in just the last 6 months of 2014, testers from 104 countries and 1459 cities have found our posts via search. We are proud of the work on our blog and the extent of its reach!

This blog’s tagline is from the last panel of the last Calvin & Hobbes. The comic strip captures my feeling about software testing. Its a magical world. Let’s go exploring!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Write to us at mak@qxf2.com or comment below.

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