Harnessing the Power of Pix2Struct for Testing Images

Machines struggle with verifying things that humans find easy to check. Images, like charts, graphs, diagrams, and maps, are especially challenging for machines to evaluate. In this post, we introduce a method to automatically check important parts of generated images using Pix2Struct, an advanced model from the Transformers library. We were amazed by the model’s effectiveness in our testing of […]

My experience with Auto-GPT

Qxf2 was intrigued by the rising trend of LLMs. We decided to venture beyond ChatGPT. With Auto-GPT’s increasing popularity and the widespread claims, we were eager to explore its capabilities. Given my background as an engineer, I was particularly equipped to dive into the intricacies of Auto-GPT. And as curious tester, I wanted to get a sense of how we […]

Data Validation with ChatGPT: Trials and Insights

We conducted a study to explore the feasibility of using large language models like ChatGPT for performing validation on numerical data. At Qxf2, we execute a set of data quality tests using Great Expectations. Our goal was to assess the efficiency of leveraging ChatGPT to carry out these validations instead. In order to achieve this, I selected two specific scenarios. […]

Testing OpenAI Whisper with Indian Languages

In previous blog, we tested OpenAI Whisper for English language with different accents and observed it did great job. We also provided details about how we generated audios, setup and test details. In this blog, we attempted to test OpenAI Whisper’s capability to transcribe and translate Indian Languages. At Qxf2, our teammates work from different regions of India, and everyone […]

Read and Write csv data using Rust

This post will discuss how to read and write csv data using Rust and the csv crate. We are aiming this at testers who are trying to do useful things with Rust just like us at Qxf2. The two most common operations a tester working with csv would like to do are: reading csv data and dynamically creating csv data. […]

Introduction to Bi-Directional Contract Testing

In our previous blog we gave you an introduction to contract testing, explained Consumer-Driven Contract Testing approach ,setting up Consumer-Driven Contract tests, using Provider states and some of its drawbacks as well. In this blog we will introduce you to the concept of Bi-Directional Contract Testing. We will also show you how to setup Bi-Directional contract tests with an illustrative […]

Testing Solid App with Molid Mock Server

At Qxf2, we are excited to delve deeper into Solid technology and explore its potential. This is my second blog post discussing Solid Applications. In my previous blog, I shared about building a sample solid app. This application takes a WebID as input and returns the Profile Name and Friends list for that WebId. In this post, I will talk […]