Automation newsletter generation in Mailchimp

Why this post? At Qxf2, we use Mailchimp to send out our weekly newsletter. We have been following pairing activity every week to fill up our newsletter template in Mailchimp and schedule the newsletter. To fill the template, the paired-up team had to look at various resources to come up with articles for various sections, which is tedious so we […]

Writing end to end test for microservices based architecture used for posting skype messages

Recently, I have attempted to test microservices based architecture where the AWS Lambda function consumes messages from a microservices endpoint and posts them to the skype channel. I have made an attempt to add most of the validations for the flow. I have included this end-to-end test in the below blog. Background: The above architecture explains, microservices based architecture which […]

Holiday Reminder Skype Bot

Qxf2 services provides testing services for startups, a majority of our client base is offshore so as to keep them informed about the days Qxf2 is going to be on PTO (public and optional holidays) we follow a practice of notifying them 3 to 7 days in advance. This helps in proper planning and estimating the work. Every year, Qxf2 […]