Troubleshooting Common Issues when using Chef InSpec with GitHub Actions

At Qxf2, we have been using Infrastructure tests at our clients for a while now. We recently came up with the idea of adding some infrastructure tests for our own servers and applications within Qxf2. We used Chef Inspec to write and execute our tests. Chef InSpec is a popular open-source framework that helps you test and review your applications […]

Test Automation with Testim

Qxf2 recently explored a tool called Testim, a low code tool for test automation. We found it useful in specific cases and wanted to quickly write about it. Why bother with a low code tool? Readers of this blog will know that Qxf2 loves to use code for testing. All our engineers write code. Our GitHub page is extremely popular […]

Set up a CI/CD pipeline to run lambda tests using AWS cloud service emulator named LocalStack

Recently, I have explored LocalStack AWS local stack to test cloud application locally. You can test the lambda in the AWS lambda console or Moto i.e. mocking. However running tests against LocalStack, would be good as this would not incur any cost of using AWS Services. LocalStack can be used for running any AWS service locally as well as on […]

Beginners guide for Git Setup on Windows

As part of our internship program, we encourage interns to make use of Git as a version control system due to a whole lot of benefits it provides, if you don’t know what Git is then you can read the blog – get started with Git   Why this post? During our internship program, we have seen many fresh graduates struggling to get […]

Contributing code to GitHub projects

This post helps you understand how to contribute code to open source projects on GitHub. It assumes that you already know about how to use git for version control and that you already have a GitHub account.   Why bother rehashing what is already on the Internet? Skip this section if you are not wondering why we are writing this […]

Testers, get started with git

Hey, tester! It is 2017 and about time we all got comfortable with Git. I’ve heard too many testers saying that they think it’s too difficult to get started with git and that getting familiar with Git will take time. I’ve been thinking about how to get rid of this objection. I’m going to try and explain the basic concepts […]