Virtualizing GraphQL Microservice using Apollo Server

There is plenty of information online about how to virtualize REST based microservices. At our clients, Qxf2 has implemented different techniques like using a Flask app, using wiremock, etc. But recently we found the need to for virtualizing a GraphQL microservice to expand the scope of our test automation on our CI environment. In this post, we will show one […]

Test Automation with Testim

Qxf2 recently explored a tool called Testim, a low code tool for test automation. We found it useful in specific cases and wanted to quickly write about it. Why bother with a low code tool? Readers of this blog will know that Qxf2 loves to use code for testing. All our engineers write code. Our GitHub page is extremely popular […]

Implement PartialEq for a custom type in Rust

This post will show you a couple of ways to implement the PartialEq trait for a custom type in Rust. This is particularly useful for testers since we end up using the assert_eq! macro. A bit of background: Qxf2 has started adopting Rust as our primary language to write our tests and tools. The reasons for the shift from Python […]