Data Generation for Text Classification

I set out to evaluate a ML model (emotion classifier) from a human/user perspective. The heart of my attempt was going to be around designing the right set of data to evaluate the performance of the model. Very quickly, I realized that there is more to this task than meets the eye. In this post, I will share several problems […]

Using Airflow to start and stop EC2 instances

In this post we will show you how to use Airflow to start and stop EC2 instances. Airflow is a popular open-source platform that engineering teams use to manage workflows. It uses a concept called Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) which lets you chain multiple steps into a workflow. Airflow’s popularity is also partly due to an extensive library of operators. […]

Robustness Testing of Machine Learning Models

In the world of machine learning, assessing a model’s performance under real-world conditions is important to ensure its reliability and robustness. Real-world data is usually not perfect, it may contain messy data or data with noise, outliers, and variations. During model training, these types of data could be limited, and the model may not have received sufficient training to handle […]

Exploring Smart Contract Testing in DApps

At Qxf2, recently we began exploring blockchain technology to understand its potential applications and benefits in various industries. Our journey into testing DApps started with research and self-learning. We immersed ourselves in learning about Ethereum, the leading platform for developing DApps, and its ecosystem of tools and frameworks. Understanding the nuances of Solidity, the programming language for smart contracts, was […]