Data Validation Using Assistants API: Exploring AI-driven approach

This post extends my previous exploration of conducting data validation tasks using Large Language Models like ChatGPT. To provide context, at Qxf2, we execute a series of data quality tests using Great Expectations. Initially, we explored the possibility of employing ChatGPT for these validations, but it faced challenges in performing them effectively. Now, with the recent release of more advanced […]

Fine Tuning Model Evaluation using ROC and Precision Recall curves

Evaluating machine learning models is crucial for understanding their performance characteristics. In this blog post, we explore how ROC and Precision Recall curves can be used to improve the way we evaluate models. Additionally, we delve into the practical aspect of using these curves across various thresholds, customizing the model for specific requirements and achieving optimal performance. Why this post […]

Testing Charts using GPT-4 with Vision model

This post builds upon my prior exploration of testing charts with Transformers using the Visual Question Answering approach. I had presented charts to Transformers models like Pix2Struct and matcha from Google (which were specifically trained on charts) and then queried with questions. The outcomes proved satisfactory when the charts were well-defined with clearly labeled data points. Now, with the recent […]

Testing DALL-E by creating single panel cartoons

I tested DALL-E for a specific real-world use case. I wanted to see how good it was for producing single panel cartoons. My testing has uncovered several promising aspects, some problems that need to be addressed and an interesting testing technique for DALL-E and ChatGPT like applications. I tried summarizing my findings in a blog post like an engineer would. […]

My experience with Auto-GPT

Qxf2 was intrigued by the rising trend of LLMs. We decided to venture beyond ChatGPT. With Auto-GPT’s increasing popularity and the widespread claims, we were eager to explore its capabilities. Given my background as an engineer, I was particularly equipped to dive into the intricacies of Auto-GPT. And as curious tester, I wanted to get a sense of how we […]

Testing OpenAI Whisper with Indian Languages

In previous blog, we tested OpenAI Whisper for English language with different accents and observed it did great job. We also provided details about how we generated audios, setup and test details. In this blog, we attempted to test OpenAI Whisper’s capability to transcribe and translate Indian Languages. At Qxf2, our teammates work from different regions of India, and everyone […]

Testing OpenAI Whisper with different accents

At Qxf2, we did some black box testing on OpenAI Whisper – a tool that does speech recognition well. OpenAI Whisper is also capable of language detection and translation. This model can be tested in various ways, by adjusting different voice attributes such as volume, pace, pitch, rate, etc. However, in this particular case, we have chosen to test it […]