XRAY server version Integration with Jira for behave BDD

Why this post XRAY is a Test management plugin for Jira. This plugin helps you automate your complete testing process. Also, it has easy integration with BDD which is something we have implemented at our client. There are server and cloud versions of XRAY. This article talks about simple methods which we implemented to get XRAY Server integration done with […]

Set up a CI/CD pipeline to run lambda tests using AWS cloud service emulator named LocalStack

Recently, I have explored LocalStack AWS local stack to test cloud application locally. You can test the lambda in the AWS lambda console or Moto i.e. mocking. However running tests against LocalStack, would be good as this would not incur any cost of using AWS Services. LocalStack can be used for running any AWS service locally as well as on […]

What technologies did Qxf2 work on in 2021?

We all know the buzz around microservices, IoT, machine learning and cloud computing as of late. Organizations that wish to take on the role of trailblazers get a competitive edge by being amongst the first to adopt the new techs. Qxf2 has been trying its best to keep up with the ever evolving world of tech and 2021 has been […]