Getting started with Kubernetes

Recently, I started my first experiments with Kubernetes, Google’s open-source orchestration platform for Linux Containers. As containers have become more important to businesses, it has become necessary to create a system that would allow containers to scale out to meet the needs of enterprise-level deployments. That’s where Kubernetes comes into play. Unlike Docker, Kubernetes is a very robust ecosystem for […]

Qxf2’s DevOps roadmap

In this post, we’ll briefly outline how our DevOps roadmap looks. We’ll also give you a feel for how work proceeded before we had a roadmap and how it has proceeded after we came up with one. Why use a roadmap in the first place? The return on investment on R&D is not obvious. Our R&D work, in the short […]

An introduction to R&D at Qxf2

As a techie, you cannot escape the buzz around IoT, elastic cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning, AI and the like. Most of the deep testing we would like to do in these areas lack easily accessible knowledge sources and definitely lack good tooling. We are sure that larger companies have faced many of these challenges and have arrived at […]

The need for change (at Qxf2)

This is the second post in a series of posts outlining the technical and organizational work we are undertaking at Qxf2. This post will help you understand why we are doing something different from a lot of other testing firms. In this post, we will look at three big challenges we think testers will face when tackling some of the […]