Exploratory Testing using Chrome Extension

This post is for those who do a lot of exploratory testing. Exploratory testing is an important part of the agile environment, it helps testers to keep up with rapid development. It’s considered a phase where tester learns, does test design, and executes it simultaneously. This article helps the tester by highlighting how using a plugin from chrome called “Exploratory […]

Email your pytest results as html report

We have noticed that sometimes we want to see test results in our email inbox even though good reporting tools are being used. We at Qxf2 Services, use pytest as our test runner. A simple utility email_pytest_reports.py has been added to our framework which can send pytest results as simple HTML reports. This blog is on how we built an […]

Learning Python when you already know Java

This blog is an outcome of a few adjustments that I made while moving from Java to Python when automating my tests. This will help you with basic pointers about how Python syntax is different from Java. Why this post? As an experienced Java automation engineer, when I started my journey into Automation using Python, I had this very basic […]