Run python behave from Visual Studio Code

I was working at a client that uses behave and was primarily designed to work on Linux systems. It has several configuration variables stored as environmental variables. I tried running the behave tests on Windows using Visual Studio Code since I wanted debugging functionality. I documented the steps so that it will help anyone who wants to try the same. […]

Testing with Celery

As part of the pairing project activity at Qxf2 – I had to demonstrate a simple working example that included Celery and it’s monitoring tool called Flower. I knew a little bit of background as I have tested a product that includes Celery. I read the Celery guide, a few related articles, and simple examples. I also came across the […]

Do we have a helpful culture at work?

This post is to help folks measure if they have a helpful culture in their teams. We are sharing something we do to try and keep Qxf2 a fair place. In this post, we outline a metric called ‘help symmetry score’ that Qxf2 (a fully remote company) uses to figure out if we are nurturing a supportive environment. You might […]