Exploratory Testing using Chrome Extension

This post is for those who do a lot of exploratory testing. Exploratory testing is an important part of the agile environment, it helps testers to keep up with rapid development. It’s considered a phase where tester learns, does test design, and executes it simultaneously. This article helps the tester by highlighting how using a plugin from chrome called “Exploratory […]

Building your own docker images for different browser versions

When any application is deployed the software needs to be tested across multiple platforms and different versions of browsers. It’s tough to maintain environments with different versions of browsers. One approach is to use cloud solutions like Sauce Labs or BrowserStack which provides multi-version-browser support. But in case if you want to build your own environment which is easy to […]

Chrome not reachable error when running Selenium test on Linux

I recently faced a Chrome not reachable error while running a Selenium test in Chrome browser on a Ubuntu machine. I had a hard time isolating the problem because I was trying to get setup with Chrome driver on Ubuntu as part of a Docker image. Problem: selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: chrome not reachable Solution: Initially, I suspected the error is because […]