Exploratory Testing using Chrome Extension

This post is for those who do a lot of exploratory testing. Exploratory testing is an important part of the agile environment, it helps testers to keep up with rapid development. It’s considered a phase where tester learns, does test design, and executes it simultaneously. This article helps the tester by highlighting how using a plugin from chrome called “Exploratory […]

Replace logging with Loguru

We have a bunch of logging happening in our test popular automation framework and we were using standard Python logging module. We always wanted to make our debugging process simple and make logging look pleasant. Recently we came across the Python module Loguru which provides easier file logging with rotation / retention / compression and also provides good string formatting. […]

Peer-checkins to combat loneliness in a fully remote company

In this post, I am sharing the concept of ‘peer-checkins’ that Qxf2 (a fully remote company) has been using to combat the loneliness that comes from working fully-remote. A ‘peer-checkin’ is a 15-30 minute/week talk with a group of colleagues that is completely non-technical. It is similar to a water-cooler conversation at a co-located office. I am outlining the rules […]