Writing a Skype listener using skpy

I implemented a Skype listener service that listens to messages posted on our common Skype channels. The Skype listener is written using an excellent Python module skpy. This listener serves as a building block for a few AI-based internal applications. This post outlines the implementation details. I hope it helps companies that still use Skype as their instant messaging tool. […]

Mocking an AWS SQS queue using moto

This post shows you a short example of how to use the Python module moto to mock a SQS queue. This technique is useful when writing code level tests for applications hosted on an AWS stack. We will work with a method that takes a string as an input, processes the string and then writes it to an SQS queue. […]

Compare json objects in AWS S3 bucket using deepdiff

Recently, I got a chance to work on the AWS S3 bucket, where I compared the JSON files stored in the S3 bucket with the pre-defined data structure stored as a dictionary object using deepdiff. I can’t actually replicate, the entire system, I had tested. For the blog purpose I have come up with the following prerequisites/setup/flow: Pre-requisite: 1. AWS […]

Filter Messages from the AWS SQS Queue using Python and asyncio

In message-oriented architectures, it is cumbersome for QA to gain visibility into where their test messages are flowing. Visibility usually involves looking at some browser-based monitor (AWS SQS Queue) and/or monitoring logs that might not even have the data QA wishes to check. Amazon Simple Queue Service(SQS), is a message queuing services, that allows user to send,receive, store and delete […]

Bad gateway error for a Flask app deployed using Elastic Beanstalk

This is a super short post that outlines one specific solution for anyone trying to deploy a simple Flask application using AWS Elastic Beanstalk and hitting a bad gateway error. Solution The Internet has some good stuff on helping you if you made a mistake elsewhere, but I did not find this basic check being mentioned anywhere. Make sure that […]

Sending Email through Amazon SES with Flask App

This post is about sending automated Emails with Amazon Simple Email Service(SES). We wanted to explore Amazon SES and hence implemented a sample Flask app to send an automated email. What is Amazon SES? Email is the heartline of any business these days. So sending an automated email,is an important part of business, whether it is the response to a […]