Anonymize data using Python Faker

We have an application which holds some sensitive survey information. Now since we couldn’t share the data with everyone we wanted a good way to Anonymize the data so that we can handover the development to anyone. We found Faker as a good library that generates fake data. Why this post As a tester, we may need to work with […]

Problem Steps Recorder

Recently when I was searching for the screen capture tool to report my issues to QA team, I discovered that windows already have an inbuilt hidden tool in Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions called Problem Steps Recorder(PSR). Do you know about Problem Steps Recorder already? If you feel no, scroll down to learn more. Problem Steps Recorder is a […]

Learning Python when you already know Java

This blog is an outcome of a few adjustments that I made while moving from Java to Python when automating my tests. This will help you with basic pointers about how Python syntax is different from Java. Why this post? As an experienced Java automation engineer, when I started my journey into Automation using Python, I had this very basic […]