State of Testing Survey: 2018

Hey, Testers. It’s new year!!! and State of Testing Survey 2018 has gone live. Please consider participating in the survey and start the year by contributing to the testing community.

Why take the survey?:

This is a worldwide survey that tries to identify the existing state of testing. Taking the survey is one step into bringing more transparency into our profession.

The survey is in its fifth installment and conducted by Joel Montvelisky (PractiTest, QA Intelligence) and Lalit Bhamare (Tea Time with Testers).

Click the link below to participate:

State of Testing Survey 2018

Shivahari P

I help engineer high quality software. I started out as a manual tester at Cognizant Technology Solutions where I worked on a healthcare project. I grew bored of highly scripted testing that required me to turn off my brain and blindly execute test cases from a document. I quit and decided to try freelancing as a trainer. I mentored aspiring engineers on employability skills for a while. I liked exploring applications as a hobby and was always on the lookout for better testing jobs. I found Qxf2 had a better balance of exploratory testing, scripted testing and automation and decided to join them. I like football and economics.

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