Rust Selenium Tests for Beginners

I created a repository of working examples for test automation on the web UI using the thirty-four crate. Beginners often have trouble finding good articles with fully working Rust code, especially professional testers who are learning the language along with UI automation. Therefore, I created something for this niche. If you are new to Rust testing and wondering how to […]

Automate Rust Lambda deploy using GitHub Actions

We are open-sourcing a GitHub Action that will let you deploy AWS Lambdas written in Rust. This helps us automate deploying Rust AWS Lambda functions using GitHub Actions. If you are interested in the implementation details of this GitHub Action, you can look at the source code here. You can also file issues in that repository to ask for any […]

Generate CPU load using Python

Problem: How do I spike up my CPU load? Recently at one of our client engagement, for one of our tests, we needed to spike up CPU usage in a controlled manner on some of our Unix servers. One way to do this was to generate a specific amount of load for a specific amount of time. This was a […]

How to use thirtyfour crate with Cucumber-rs: Part 1

This post shows how to set a webdriver instance produced by thirtyfour as a member of the World struct defined by Cucumber-rs. We hope to follow up with one more simple post on How to use thirtyfour crate with Cucumber-rs showing ways to write browser driven BDD test automation in Rust using thirtyfour and Cucumber-rs. Why bother writing browser automation […]

Setting up Synthetic data in Neo4j

Qxf2 engineers are fans of using synthetic data for testing. We have used this technique for years now. But until recently, our experience was limited to SQL. We needed to work with neo4j in one of our projects. There was enough custom Python code and Cypher queries that we had to write as part of creating, backing up and restoring […]