Rust Selenium Tests for Beginners

I created a repository of working examples for test automation on the web UI using the thirty-four crate. Beginners often have trouble finding good articles with fully working Rust code, especially professional testers who are learning the language along with UI automation. Therefore, I created something for this niche.

If you are new to Rust testing and wondering how to automate UI, these examples can help you get started. We want to emphasize that we specifically created this code for beginners. As you become more comfortable with Rust, you will eventually improve your code writing.

Disclaimer: Qxf2 recognizes that the Rust ecosystem currently has low demand for Web UI Automation. In early 2023, proposing Web UI Automation with Rust, even within a Rust project, may seem unusual. While the Rust ecosystem has minimal web front-end work, any testing strategy, including Rust projects, will need some form of Web UI automation. Hence, we aim to equip our testers to write elementary Web UI automation code for Rust projects to prepare them for future opportunities..

Design of the examples

To demonstrate how to perform common web UI automation actions using the thirty-four crate, I designed the following examples in the repository. We utilize our tutorial page as an “application under test” for this purpose.. The examples we created illustrate how to perform various web UI automation actions, including calling a URL, setting text, clicking a button, setting a dropdown, selecting a checkbox, hovering, parsing a table, and more. By learning these concepts, we believe that beginners will be able to write code.

Rust Selenium Tests Slides

Rust Selenium Tests: Code

I have made the code for the examples available on our GitHub repository Rust Selenium Beginners. We have written these examples in Rust, and we have made sure they are well-commented and easy to follow. You can follow the instructions in the readme file to work with the examples.

We hope that these examples will help you get started!

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