Selenium tutorial for beginners

We recently presented a Selenium tutorial aimed at beginners. Avinash Shetty of Qxf2 Services presented the tutorial as part of the Mangaluru Software Testing group meetup at Mangalore Infotech’s spacious office. Several members who attended the meetup found the talk and examples useful. So we thought we would share the material on our blog too.

You can practice your Selenium against a webpage we built. We promise not to change the webpage i.e., the tutorial and the code should work even years from now.

Selenium tutorial: Slides

Selenium tutorial: Code

We have shared the code for the examples on our GitHub repository here. The examples are written in Python and are well commented and easy to follow along. If you do not know how to use git, simply download the zipped files over here.

Meetup photos

Class is in session :)
Selenium tutorial in progress
Snack time at the meetup
Snack time at the meetup

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