Holiday Reminder Skype Bot

Qxf2 services provides testing services for startups, a majority of our client base is offshore so as to keep them informed about the days Qxf2 is going to be on PTO (public and optional holidays) we follow a practice of notifying them 3 to 7 days in advance. This helps in proper planning and estimating the work. Every year, Qxf2 […]

Optimize running large number of tasks using Dask

I want to share my experience of using Dask tasks and certain best practices/optimizations I implemented. Having some prior understanding about Dask is required to follow along. For implementing parallelism, I used Dask futures, one of the Dask collections. I referred Dask best practices on how to improve performance and incorporated some of them to my project. Hope you find […]

Visualize chess heatmap using Dask and Coiled

I used Dask and Coiled to make some Python code I had written run in parallel. In this blog, I have described the approach used for implementing parallelism using Dask running on a coiled cluster. I had developed a Python program to generate control heatmap images for chess games. A control heatmap (a term I made up!) shows how many […]

How to conduct ‘Round 2’ interviews at Qxf2

Qxf2 reserves Round 2 of our three-round job interview solely to evaluate if the candidate can learn and apply new concepts quickly. During this round we use one of approximately fifteen exercises. This post goes into great detail on how an interviewer is supposed to conduct Round 2 when using the ‘Fork a repository and fix an error’ exercise. Interviewers […]

State of Testing Survey: 2021

Hey testers, hope you all are fine and safe!! 2020 nightmare is about to end in a few days and the State of Testing Survey 2021 has gone live. Please do take part in the survey and help the testing community to identify the current state of testing. Why take this survey? This survey is conducted globally that tries to […]