Exploring Smart Contract Testing in DApps

At Qxf2, recently we began exploring blockchain technology to understand its potential applications and benefits in various industries. Our journey into testing DApps started with research and self-learning. We immersed ourselves in learning about Ethereum, the leading platform for developing DApps, and its ecosystem of tools and frameworks. Understanding the nuances of Solidity, the programming language for smart contracts, was […]

Context-based question answering using LLM

Companies are going to want to query their own internal documents – especially with the rise of LLMs and improvements in AI. Qxf2 has already heard of several CEOs that want to use AI/ML models to glean insights from internal knowledge stores. What does this mean for a tester? Well, you can expect to test such systems in the coming […]

Testing AWS Lambda locally using LocalStack and pytest

Testing loosely coupled microservices requires the use of diverse testing tools. Unlike monoliths, it is challenging to have a complete copy of the production system (System Under Test) for integration testing. Often, developers are hesitant to make changes in the pipeline due to uncertainty about potential downstream impacts. In such cases, it is valuable for developers to test integration components […]

Troubleshooting Common Issues when using Chef InSpec with GitHub Actions

At Qxf2, we have been using Infrastructure tests at our clients for a while now. We recently came up with the idea of adding some infrastructure tests for our own servers and applications within Qxf2. We used Chef Inspec to write and execute our tests. Chef InSpec is a popular open-source framework that helps you test and review your applications […]

Harnessing the Power of Pix2Struct for Testing Images

Machines struggle with verifying things that humans find easy to check. Images, like charts, graphs, diagrams, and maps, are especially challenging for machines to evaluate. In this post, we introduce a method to automatically check important parts of generated images using Pix2Struct, an advanced model from the Transformers library. We were amazed by the model’s effectiveness in our testing of […]

My experience with Auto-GPT

Qxf2 was intrigued by the rising trend of LLMs. We decided to venture beyond ChatGPT. With Auto-GPT’s increasing popularity and the widespread claims, we were eager to explore its capabilities. Given my background as an engineer, I was particularly equipped to dive into the intricacies of Auto-GPT. And as curious tester, I wanted to get a sense of how we […]