Creating a virtualized Service for MailChimp

You might have come across a situation where you felt the need of creating a virtualized service for your testing purpose. This is especially true if your application is integrating with third party applications. One such situation led me to creating a virtualized service for MailChimp and I am going to talk about it in this blog. This post will […]

Unresponsive function while creating new project in Rust

While working on a rust-based hackathon project at Qxf2, I encountered an unresponsive function when creating new project in Rust. Being a newbie in rust, I was unable to figure out the cause. I tried looking up the internet but could not find any suitable solutions. Hence, I thought of documenting the resolution to this issue so that anyone hitting […]

Monitoring Uvicorn using Monit

In this blog post, I will share my take of solving a specific issue faced while setting up monitoring for a Uvicorn server using Monit. At Qxf2, we have a web application built with ReactJS, Neo4j and FastAPI, implemented for an internal use-case. It runs on an EC2 instance. The application, silently going down has been troublesome. Hence, we looked […]

Host Great Expectations Test Results on Netlify

In this post, we will help you host your Great Expectations test results on Netlify, a web hosting platform. This post is third in our series to help testers implement useful tests with Great Expectations for data validation. Implementing tests and running them is job half done. As testers it is quite essential to make sure our test results reach […]