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In this post, we’ll briefly outline how our DevOps roadmap looks. We’ll also give you a feel for how work proceeded before we had a roadmap and how it has…

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thoughts on testing

As a techie, you cannot escape the buzz around IoT, elastic cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning, AI and the like. Most of the deep testing we would like to…

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thoughts on testing

This is the second post in a series of posts outlining the technical and organizational work we are undertaking at Qxf2. This post will help you understand why we are…

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thoughts on testing

This article is an introduction to the technical and organizational work we are undertaking at Qxf2. We have taken the effort to write what we are doing mainly for our…

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thoughts on testing

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beacons Hardware Testing

Hey, tester! It is 2017 and about time we all got comfortable with Git. I’ve heard too many testers saying that they think it’s too difficult to get started with…

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GIT how to Training

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Data Versioning Machine Learning quilt

We have been testing data-rich applications for a long time. And like any experienced tester, we realize how difficult it is to create, maintain and update data every time the…

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Data Versioning Extracting data Machine Learning python quilt