Testing FastAPI endpoints using fastapi.testclient

This post shows you an example of how to use fastapi.testclient provided by FastAPI. This testclient will help anyone to write code level tests quickly. Background Recently, we have developed an internal application using FastAPI. I thought to document a quick testing approach which may help software engineers to write test cases quickly. Here I have used fastapi.testclient instead of […]

Simulate your own hardware devices as templates for testing

This blog gives an idea to simulate your own devices by creating device templates. It would be helpful to QA or any user who has dependency with the device data for testing the application. Before getting into technical details about simulation, the following summary is about snmp and snmpwalk. What is SNMP? SNMP is a Simple Network Management Protocol,¬†which is […]

Skype sender as a web service

I used the fantastic Python module Skpy to setup a ‘Skype sender’ as a web service. I did this work because I wanted to make it as easy to programmatically post to a Skype channel as it is to programmatically post to a Slack channel. If you know your channel id and have an API key, then posting a message […]

Writing a Skype listener using skpy

I implemented a Skype listener service that listens to messages posted on our common Skype channels. The Skype listener is written using an excellent Python module skpy. This listener serves as a building block for a few AI-based internal applications. This post outlines the implementation details. I hope it helps companies that still use Skype as their instant messaging tool. […]

Mocking an AWS SQS queue using moto

This post shows you a short example of how to use the Python module moto to mock a SQS queue. This technique is useful when writing code level tests for applications hosted on an AWS stack. We will work with a method that takes a string as an input, processes the string and then writes it to an SQS queue. […]

Hosting cars-api Flask app using Docker

This blog talks about hosting cars-api Flask app using Docker. Docker is a set of platform as a service to deliver software as packages, called Docker containers. These are the standalone, lightweight, executable packages that could include necessary packages to run an application. Docker Images would turn to containers when they run on the Docker Engine. In the below steps, […]