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I wanted to draw a network of nodes and use the thickness of the edges between the nodes to denote some information. Since I had used NetworkX a long time…

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This post is to help candidates get a clear picture of what to expect in their final set of interviews with Qxf2. The interview process The final set of interviews…

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I have a pet but unproven theory. Bugs are born outside of code. Several conditions outside the control of engineering influence the quality of software being produced. And I want…

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When working with software startups, you will observe a few counter-intuitive things. Good developers can produce bad software. It is usually ok to put out immature software that is not…

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thoughts on software thoughts on testing

It’s January. Which means the State of Testing Survey 2017 has gone live. This is a worldwide survey that tries to identify the existing state of testing. Taking the survey…

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I recently used a neat solution that involved JavaScript evaluate() and XPaths as part of an automated GUI check. I am good with Python and writing XPaths for locators but…

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