A hands-on QA training program for fresh graduates

Qxf2 Services is conducting a hands-on QA training program for freshers. The training program is practical and resembles real-work you will do as a tester. We do not follow the traditional teaching method. We believe in learning by applying and solving real-world problems. During the course of this program, you will test real applications, shadow senior QA engineers and work with modern tools. This approach will help you land your first job as a QA Engineer. For more details, please visit https://junior-qa-training.qxf2.com/


Qxf2 has a lot of experience with testing. We go out of our way to share what we know – on this blog, on our GitHub, as open sourced hosted applications, etc. Whenever we stumble upon something novel or something that works well, we try our best to share our results with the larger testing community. Over the past five years, we have been experimenting with internships and how to teach testing to beginners. We noticed that our interns have gone on to land good jobs and do well at work, in part due to our training and the approach we took during the internship. Our interns have gone on to work at companies like Mphasis, Accenture, Temenos, Bosch, TCS, Qlik, StrikeTru, Surebot Technology Solutions, Infilect, Plaxonic Technologies and of course Qxf2 Services. We want to share our training methods and practices (real work, modern tools, shadowing professionals, industry talks, mock interviews, etc.) with a larger group of people who might want to start their career in testing.

Our approach

We do not follow the regular syllabus-based approach. Instead, you will learn by testing an early stage application that has real users. You will pick up the necessary tools to implement different testing ideas. To aid your learning, you will get to shadow experienced testers as they go about their day job testing different applications. We will also conduct mock-interviews and perform resume reviews so you can land jobs easier. Additionally, every week, a senior QA engineer will give you a talk about how the industry works. This combination of work helped our interns land good jobs and we believe will work for you as well.


1. Duration: 3-months.
2. Cost: INR 15,000 for the full program
3. Website: https://junior-qa-training.qxf2.com/
4. Eligibility: 2020 and 2021 graduates

Visit our website for more details.

How to apply

Please visit https://junior-qa-training.qxf2.com/#apply and fill out a short application form.

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