Getting everyone to write infrastructure tests

In this post, we will outline our usual strategy to get an entire team to quickly fill testing holes – like writing infrastructure tests. Why? Because we find ourselves using this approach frequently at clients. Some context: Qxf2 engineers work with early stage products that neglected writing tests in favour of shipping quickly. This means, we almost always enter situations […]

Auditing AWS cloud resources with Chef InSpec

Continuing from the preceding blog, ‘Auditing OS Level Resources with Chef InSpec’ which delved into utilizing the Chef InSpec open-source tool for testing individual servers via OS level resources. Now, we embark into the domain of Chef InSpec’s facility in cloud environments. Chef InSpec extends its support to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Referring to insights shared in […]

Using Airflow to start and stop EC2 instances

In this post we will show you how to use Airflow to start and stop EC2 instances. Airflow is a popular open-source platform that engineering teams use to manage workflows. It uses a concept called Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) which lets you chain multiple steps into a workflow. Airflow’s popularity is also partly due to an extensive library of operators. […]

Combining Rust and Py03 with Python

Recently, Qxf2 has been transitioning to Rust and has been writing many blogs on various topics related to Rust. The main aim of these blogs is to document our progress. In this post, I am writing about how I used Py03/maturin tool to call a Rust library from Python. We have initiated a Rust-based project called “meme-generator” to generate attention-grabbing […]