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API testing WebSocket

A WebSocket is a standard protocol for two-way data transfer between a client and server. It is supported by all modern browsers. Why this post? My know-how of WebSocket connections…

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API testing python WebSocket

BrowserStack CircleCI Continuous Integration pytest python

We recently integrated pytest, a Pythonic test runner, with our framework. After the tests were executed, pytest threw a couple of warnings. We decided to share our findings as the…

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pytest python

API testing python

One of our clients recently introduced us to a really nice, Pythonic test runner called pytest. Thank you Vachan Wodeyar of Kahuna, Inc. for introducing and helping us get started…

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automation pytest python

analogy API testing

There are times when we repurpose our automated checks to scrape information off the pages it visits. This can happen when you are using automation to explore a product, looking…

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automation python Selenium

Why this post? Testers need to know multiple ways of locating an element in a webpage as different strategies have to be used based on the context since each has…

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css Selenium

locust Performance Testing python