Weather Shopper: Practical way to learn Appium and Programming Language

This post is for testers who are new to programming and looking to learn mobile test automation. Qxf2 Services has developed an Android application – Weather Shopper, to help testers practice Android app automation using Appium and learn programming languages simultaneously. You can get the application from Google Play Store here. Weather Shopper application offers a rich set of mobile […]

A guide to Regex Crate – 2

Qxf2 is exploring commonly used Rust crates and sharing our learning. We are focused on crates that testers will end up using quite often. We have tried our best to include illustrative examples in order to help testers understand how to use these crates. This blog is continuation to our previous blog on Regex Crate Modules. In this blog we […]

Investigation of the application deployed on Kubernetes

As a tester, we work with applications deployed on Kubernetes. That means, we need to know how to interact with various components of Kubernetes. But most online tutorials start with stuff that applies mostly to developers and DevOps engineers like install, writing deploy scripts, etc. Those are not really useful to testers, at least not directly. So, in this blog, […]

Testing AWS Lambda locally using LocalStack and pytest

Testing loosely coupled microservices requires the use of diverse testing tools. Unlike monoliths, it is challenging to have a complete copy of the production system (System Under Test) for integration testing. Often, developers are hesitant to make changes in the pipeline due to uncertainty about potential downstream impacts. In such cases, it is valuable for developers to test integration components […]

Testing OpenAI Whisper with Indian Languages

In previous blog, we tested OpenAI Whisper for English language with different accents and observed it did great job. We also provided details about how we generated audios, setup and test details. In this blog, we attempted to test OpenAI Whisper’s capability to transcribe and translate Indian Languages. At Qxf2, our teammates work from different regions of India, and everyone […]

Testing OpenAI Whisper with different accents

At Qxf2, we did some black box testing on OpenAI Whisper – a tool that does speech recognition well. OpenAI Whisper is also capable of language detection and translation. This model can be tested in various ways, by adjusting different voice attributes such as volume, pace, pitch, rate, etc. However, in this particular case, we have chosen to test it […]