Investigation of the application deployed on Kubernetes

As a tester, we work with applications deployed on Kubernetes. That means, we need to know how to interact with various components of Kubernetes. But most online tutorials start with stuff that applies mostly to developers and DevOps engineers like install, writing deploy scripts, etc. Those are not really useful to testers, at least not directly. So, in this blog, […]

Deploying a web application using Kubernetes

This post outlines the steps I followed in deploying a website in Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a platform for automating deployment, scaling and management of our application across a cluster of hosts. It works with a different range of container tools and the one we will be using here is the popular Docker. I have divided the process into 3 main […]

Getting started with Kubernetes

Recently, I started my first experiments with Kubernetes, Google’s open-source orchestration platform for Linux Containers. As containers have become more important to businesses, it has become necessary to create a system that would allow containers to scale out to meet the needs of enterprise-level deployments. That’s where Kubernetes comes into play. Unlike Docker, Kubernetes is a very robust ecosystem for […]