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BrowserStack pytest python Selenium

BrowserStack is a cloud-based testing tool that enables developers/testers to test their application across various browsers on different operating systems and mobile devices. We use Browserstack a lot at Qxf2…

BrowserStack pytest

BrowserStack CircleCI Continuous Integration pytest python

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BrowserStack CircleCI Continuous Integration Selenium

automation BrowserStack mobile mobile automation python Selenium

automation BrowserStack mobile automation python Selenium

Problem: Maintaining infrastructure for Selenium cross browser checks is time consuming. At Qxf2 Services, we use Selenium and Python for UI testing of web applications. Recently, we evaluated using BrowserStack…

automation BrowserStack python Selenium

Problem:¬†Maintaining testing infrastructure for testing across different combinations of browser, browser version and platform is difficult and time consuming. Of late, there are many tools that help testers quickly spin…

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