Author: Indira Nellutla

Recently, as part of an automated test, we needed to SSH into a server, toggle a service and then check the response on a web application. We used the Python…

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automation Paramiko python SSH

We recently discovered the concept of Natural Language Generation. It felt like a nice challenge for testing. We researched around and found that there were not many guides on how…

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Natural Language Generation Summarization

Docker Google Container Engine kubernetes minikube

Recently, I started my first experiments with Kubernetes, Google’s open-source orchestration platform for Linux Containers. As containers have become more important to businesses, it has become necessary to create a…

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Docker kubernetes minikube

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Data Versioning Machine Learning quilt

We have been testing data-rich applications for a long time. And like any experienced tester, we realize how difficult it is to create, maintain and update data every time the…

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Data Versioning Extracting data Machine Learning python quilt

Data visualization Jupyter Notebooks Machine Learning python

When testing highly data dependent products, I find it very useful to use data published by governments. When government organizations publish data online, barring a few notable exceptions, it usually…

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Data scraping Extracting data Machine Learning

At a recent client engagement, my colleague had to create some location data for testing one of the client application. The data creation involved multiple steps like downloading some data…

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Data Sources Machine Learning Mockaroo Dataset