Generate MySQL test data using FillDB

We have an application which needs to be tested with a bunch of test data in the MySQL database. For generating random data, we used to run scripts with INSERT statements to generate the dummy data or in some cases wrote stored procedures. We were looking out for a tool which can auto-populate a database with loads of test data […]

MySQL and Liquibase

This post introduces you to Liquibase – a database changeset management tool. I will cover its installation, usage and execution with MySQL. WHAT IS LIQUIBASE? Liquibase is an open source library to track database changes. Liquibase supports XML, JSON, and YAML files. This post uses XML files to make certain concepts clear. When Liquibase runs, there are several commands it […]

MySQL Database Modeling

This post is part of our series on MySQL. We hope to give the average tester a slightly more technical view into how MySQL works. This blog covers the basics of designing a database and gives you an overview of normalization. What is Database Modeling? Database modeling is a process in which you analyze the application requirements, usually retrieved from […]

How is a query executed in MySQL?

This post is for the testers who have some basic idea about MySQL database. I want to put up few things I came across when I dove deeper into MySQL. Here’s a brief overview of the order in which a query is executed inside a MySQL server. When you execute a SQL query, the order in which the SQL directives […]

MySQL Architecture and Layers

Many testers know how to write SQL queries and how to fetch data from the tables. But only a few understand the internal architecture and how MySQL interacts with storage engines. This blog discusses the MySQL architecture, different layers and journey of SQL statement in MySQL data. MySQL architecture is broken into three layers basically which can be defined by, […]