Developing a simple Kivy application

At Qxf2 Services we do hackathon yearly once. We believe that this gives good learning and we can believe in ourselves do our work faster. This year, I took Kivy and developed a desktop application. You usually think is it possible for us to develop an application without having basic knowledge of the framework? Yes, you can do it. I […]

Automation testing of Text to Speech web app

As a part of Qxf2Services Hackathon, I had picked up a project to automate testing of a readily available Text to Speech web app. To follow along, I assume you have some familiarity with Python, Selenium. Overview of  Text to Speech Demo app To try out the testing of Text to Speech, I was looking for a readily available web app which can […]

Generate MySQL test data using FillDB

We have an application which needs to be tested with a bunch of test data in the MySQL database. For generating random data, we used to run scripts with INSERT statements to generate the dummy data or in some cases wrote stored procedures. We were looking out for a tool which can auto-populate a database with loads of test data […]

My Hackathon Project on Arduino

It was Hackathon 2018 and I was very excited to choose a hardware project and try it! So I picked Arduino, chose to build plus test a DC Door Bell using Arduino. This experience was similar to looking at a recipe book and trying out new dishes – 2 entrees, 2 mains, and 1 dessert. This blog shares my experience […]

State of Testing Survey: 2019

Hello, testers! The State of Testing Survey 2019  is live now. Please do participate in the survey and help out the testing world to gain better knowledge about the state of testing.   Why take this survey? This is the biggest survey in the worldwide that tries to explore the existing characteristics, practices, and problems facing the testing community today. Participating in […]

Python Trello API utility script

Python Trello API Util is a set of scripts to automate various Trello tasks like creating Trello Boards, assigning people to Board, creating cards, copying cads etc. It is built using Python Requests library and was part of a Hackathon held at Qxf2 Services. Why this post? In case you have used Trello, you will be familiar with the process […]