Access RaspberryPi over the internet using

To Access RaspberryPi over the internet, we need to do port forwarding.
There are a number of ways to do that:

  • Set up port forwarding on your router: But port forwarding on your home/local router to access your Pi is extremely dangerous.
  • Go with third-party online port forwarding services: It is recommended to go with this option to avoid security vulnerability.

I looked for third-party online port forwarding services and found I found it very easy and straightforward to integrate RaspberryPi with it and was able to connect to my RaspberryPi over the internet.

How to integrate your RaspberryPi with

There are 4 simple steps to do that:

    2. Install packages on your Raspberry Pi
    Use the following command to install package on your RaspberryPi.

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install remoteit

    After installation of package on RaspberryPi, at end of the installation logs, you will see the information for further device configuration. You need this information in the next step and it looks like this:

    Continue your device configuration at
                                       or http://raspberrypi.local:29999
    3. Add Raspberry Pi device to Use one of the URLs from the previous step and navigate to the page. You will see your device on-page and you just need to add your device to
    Note: You must be on the same wifi network else you won’t able to see your device

    4. Access your device via ssh: Switch to another network, log in to your accounts. You will see your Pi under devices, click on your Device > Connect > ssh.
    RaspberryPi ssh Option
    RaspberryPi ssh Option

    After clicking on ssh option, you will get ssh details. Look at the following screenshots.
    RaspberryPi ssh Details
    RaspberryPI ssh Details

    Use ssh details and ssh into your RaspberryPi device.
    Able to ssh from another network
    Able to ssh from another network

Hope this blog is helpful for your IoT projects.

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