Unresponsive function while creating new project in Rust

While working on a rust-based hackathon project at Qxf2, I encountered an unresponsive function when creating new project in Rust.

Being a newbie in rust, I was unable to figure out the cause. I tried looking up the internet but could not find any suitable solutions. Hence, I thought of documenting the resolution to this issue so that anyone hitting with same issue wouldn’t have to waste hours finding the cause.


To begin with, I had to build a Rust function for AWS lambda. To do this, I first tried creating a project which would give me the default template with the following command.

cargo lambda new rust_lambda

When you execute the command, you are shown the following in the terminal.

? Is this function an HTTP function? (y/N)
[type `yes` if the Lambda function is triggered by an API Gateway, Amazon Load Balancer(ALB), or a Lambda URL]

In my case, the lambda function was not triggered with any of the above, so I chose ‘No’ and hit enter and got none in the response i.e. the cursor just stayed at the same place without giving me a success or any error message.

The difficulty was not getting any error message and so, I was not sure why the command was not getting executed.

Root cause

I had to do trial and error before finding the root cause of the issue. It was the rust version. Sound simple, right? 🙂 but this took a while. I was using rust 1.61.0 and updating it to the latest version helped resolve the issue. I would be happier if it were shown on the terminal but that gave me a way to dig deeper.


The next step was to update the rustup which was the installer in my case with the following command:

rustup update stable

Before Update

$ rustc –version
rustc 1.61.0 (fe5b13d68 2022-05-18)

$ cargo –version
cargo 1.61.0 (a028ae42f 2022-04-29)

After update

$ rustc –version
rustc 1.64.0 (a55dd71d5 2022-09-19)

$ cargo –version
cargo 1.64.0 (387270bc7 2022-09-16)

Once, the rust is updated to the newer version, you can again run the cargo lambda new command.


I have come across a few scenarios in Rust where the issues arise due to version incompatibility. Hence, It is better to have the updated version while working with rust projects.

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