Post pytest test results on Slack

Slack is a really popular instant messenger among our clients. It has very nice integration capabilities (Slack bots) that we use with our CI setup. At Qxf2, we sometimes encourage (and enable!) developers to run automated GUI and API tests against their local builds. So, we decided to enhance our GUI automation framework to post the test result of a […]

Qxf2 has open sourced a Python-based automation testing framework

We have open-sourced our test automation framework. You can now write Selenium and Appium tests in Python using the Page Object pattern. Our Pythonic web, mobile and REST API test automation framework will help you get started with QA automation quickly. It comes with many useful integrations like – email, Slack, TestRail, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, etc. You can find it […]

Resume writing for freshers

As a fresher, you prepare your resume and start the job hunting process. But sometimes you don’t get any replies or interview calls. This maybe because of some easy-to-correct mistakes in your resume. This post will help you identify and correct some major mistakes you may be making in your resume. Why this post: We all know how important it […]

Chrome not reachable error when running Selenium test on Linux

I recently faced a Chrome not reachable error while running a Selenium test in Chrome browser on a Ubuntu machine. I had a hard time isolating the problem because I was trying to get setup with Chrome driver on Ubuntu as part of a Docker image. Problem: selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: chrome not reachable Solution: Initially, I suspected the error is because […]

How freshers can get more interview calls

Are you a fresher looking for your first break? I bet you are frustrated with the low volume of responses you are receiving. This post will help you identify some mistakes you may be making. Note 1: If you live outside of India, this post is unlikely to help you. Why this post I designed and implemented Qxf2’s first internship […]