Context-based question answering using LLM

Companies are going to want to query their own internal documents – especially with the rise of LLMs and improvements in AI. Qxf2 has already heard of several CEOs that want to use AI/ML models to glean insights from internal knowledge stores. What does this mean for a tester? Well, you can expect to test such systems in the coming […]

My experience with Auto-GPT

Qxf2 was intrigued by the rising trend of LLMs. We decided to venture beyond ChatGPT. With Auto-GPT’s increasing popularity and the widespread claims, we were eager to explore its capabilities. Given my background as an engineer, I was particularly equipped to dive into the intricacies of Auto-GPT. And as curious tester, I wanted to get a sense of how we […]

Data Validation with ChatGPT: Trials and Insights

We conducted a study to explore the feasibility of using large language models like ChatGPT for performing validation on numerical data. At Qxf2, we execute a set of data quality tests using Great Expectations. Our goal was to assess the efficiency of leveraging ChatGPT to carry out these validations instead. In order to achieve this, I selected two specific scenarios. […]