Allure integration with pytest

Recently, I was on the lookout for a good open-source reporting tool other than the ReportPortal tool which we already integrated with pytest in the past. As a result, I came across a tool called Allure. When I started integrating allure with pytest, I stumbled upon a couple of errors as there was no straightforward guide to do so. Therefore, […]

Holiday Reminder Skype Bot

Qxf2 services provides testing services for startups, a majority of our client base is offshore so as to keep them informed about the days Qxf2 is going to be on PTO (public and optional holidays) we follow a practice of notifying them 3 to 7 days in advance. This helps in proper planning and estimating the work. Every year, Qxf2 […]

State of Testing Survey: 2021

Hey testers, hope you all are fine and safe!! 2020 nightmare is about to end in a few days and the State of Testing Survey 2021 has gone live. Please do take part in the survey and help the testing community to identify the current state of testing. Why take this survey? This survey is conducted globally that tries to […]

Converting test screenshots into Gif

When we run the tests using qxf2 page object model framework we capture the screenshots of the test run at certain steps using decorators Screenshots utility. Often, it is time-consuming to view each of these screenshots. We thought of adding a utility that can convert all this screenshot into a single Gif that is more convenient to use and debug any […]

Anonymize data using Python Faker

We have an application which holds some sensitive survey information. Now since we couldn’t share the data with everyone we wanted a good way to Anonymize the data so that we can handover the development to anyone. We found Faker as a good library that generates fake data. Why this post As a tester, we may need to work with […]

Beginners guide for Git Setup on Windows

As part of our internship program, we encourage interns to make use of Git as a version control system due to a whole lot of benefits it provides, if you don’t know what Git is then you can read the blog – get started with Git   Why this post? During our internship program, we have seen many fresh graduates struggling to get […]

Automation testing of Text to Speech web app

As a part of Qxf2Services Hackathon, I had picked up a project to automate testing of a readily available Text to Speech web app. To follow along, I assume you have some familiarity with Python, Selenium. Overview of  Text to Speech Demo app To try out the testing of Text to Speech, I was looking for a readily available web app which can […]

Register for OnlineTestConf: Nov 27-28, 2018

Hey testers, 2018 is about to end in a month and a half and you haven’t attended a single testing conference yet this year? Or perhaps you are still eager to attend more. Then, here is one opportunity for you to attend the OnlineTestConf brought to you by Practitest. OnlineTestConf is a completely online testing conference organized with an aim […]