Cover letters that help you to get the job

Cover letters make a big difference when applying to small companies. From personal experience, I can say that cover letter can be a big help to impress the recruiter at a small company. In this post, I will show you how to craft an effective cover letter.

Pro-tip: You can search for openings at small companies at AngelList.

Ok Let’s see how to write the cover letter and format of the cover letter

How to write the cover letter:

Since people take less than a minute to read the cover letter so the objective should be clear in the cover letter. It should contain only relevant information and must be specific to the company you are applying to. This is important! Do not use the same cover letter for all the companies. Change the cover letter depending on the company you apply to and the position.

The general format of an effective cover letter looks like this:

1) The first paragraph of the cover letter needs to tell the interviewer or manager your name and why you are writing. Then you should mention how you came to know about the company through advertisement, any forums, or any referrals.Also, don’t forget to mention the job post you are applying for.

2) In the second paragraph, mention what excites about the company and why you want to grow and develop your skills in the company. This is company specific. You should visit the company’s website and learn what they do. See what appeals to you and be specific.

3) Your third paragraph should be 1-3 sentences. Here you should highlight your strengths and why you will be successful at the job.

4) In the last paragraph tell them that you are ready to take an opportunity at any time and specify your email and phone number. Thank them for spending time on reading the resume and cover letter.

A generic cover letter:

Hello ,

Section 1: Introduce yourself
I am ---------- (Your name). I completed my graduation ------ (Degree and Year). I saw your job posting for ---------- (position) on ------------(where you found it).  I would like to apply for the position of -------- (position) at --------- (company name).

Section 2: Show you have done your homework about the company
I liked --------- (mention what you like). I also noticed that you ___________ (mention something else that you like).

Section 3: Highlight some strengths - try to be specific and relevant
Maybe talk about your project. Or that you have taken extra interest by attending some classes. Or maybe you have helped with business before. This section should look unique. For freshers, you should usually use this to highlight that you are a quick learner and a good team player.

Section 4: Close out with contact details
I would like to meet you to discuss my sincere desire to join your team. You can contact me at --------- (Phone No) or at ----------- (Email Address).
Thank you for your consideration. I would very much appreciate the opportunity of a job interview.

An example cover letter:

Hello ---------(Name of the CEO/HR),

I am ----------(Your name). I recently graduated with a BE degree in Mechanical Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore. I saw your job posting for QA Engineer on AngelList. I would like to apply for the position of QA Engineer at Qxf2.

I read through your website. I like that you work with start-ups. You seem to use a lot of Python - I’ve been picking up Python recently and find it fun. I also noticed that you provide your employees the opportunity to learn new technologies. I would love to start my career in such an environment.

As part of my engineering, my team (3 members)  built a robotic arm to handle vegetables without crushing them. I had to learn how to program microcontrollers and use 3D printers in a short span of time. Since my graduation, I have also attended a training program on testing since it seemed interesting. I think my background, ability to learn quickly and work well in a team environment will help me contribute quickly to Qxf2 Services. 

I would very much appreciate the opportunity of a job interview. You can contact me at 1234567890 or at [email protected]. Thank you for your consideration. 


Hope this helps!

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3 thoughts on “Cover letters that help you to get the job

    1. Mahesh,
      a) If you applying via Email, then the body of the email you are sending should have the content of the cover letter. Pro tip: Use the Job title in the subject line
      b) If you are applying via a portal, then attach the cover letter along with the resume. Most portals lets you do that.

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