Cover letters that help you to get the job

Cover letters make a big difference when applying to small companies. From personal experience, I can say that cover letter can be a big help to impress the recruiter at a small company. In this post, I will show you how to craft an effective cover letter. Pro-tip: You can search for openings at small companies at AngelList. Ok Let’s […]

Docker and Windows: VT-X/AMD-V error

I decided to learn Docker and use it with our automated tests. While installing Docker on my Windows 7 machine, I got an error during machine creation. It took me a while to Google around for the solution. So this post summarizes the solution for the “VT-X/AMD-V” issue while installing Docker on Windows. VT-X/AMD-V error As the first step towards […]

Mock interviews for freshers

Preparing for an interview needs a lot of effort and energy. Unfortunately, there are some areas you cannot practice effectively by yourself. We (Qxf2) believe mock interviews help you learn where your strengths lie and where you may need to improve. So we thought of conducting mock interviews for our interns during our internship program. Why this post: I noticed […]

The informed tester’s newsletter

Do you want to become more ‘technical’ as a tester but have no clue about how to get there? Sign up for our weekly newsletter. We are calling it the ‘Informed tester’s newsletter’ (naming is hard!). It will help you stay in touch with the happenings in the world of testing and technology. The newsletter will go out every Friday. […]

Auto-generate requirements.txt file using pipreqs

At Qxf2, we love Python. We use Python on multiple projects and as per our requirements, we install multiple modules. But, I found it difficult to create a requirements.txt file for specific projects manually. So I searched for a tool/technique to generate a requirement.txt file. I come across the pipreqs package, which generates a requirement.txt file based on the import […]