Understanding software at startups

When working with software startups, you will observe a few counter-intuitive things. Good developers can produce bad software. It is usually ok to put out immature software that is not yet ready. Buggy software can successfully dominate a market. Many ‘good’ habits like adherence to process, discipline, good architecture and responsible communication don’t seem to correlate with success over the […]

MySQL and Liquibase

This post introduces you to Liquibase – a database changeset management tool. I will cover its installation, usage and execution with MySQL. WHAT IS LIQUIBASE? Liquibase is an open source library to track database changes. Liquibase supports XML, JSON, and YAML files. This post uses XML files to make certain concepts clear. When Liquibase runs, there are several commands it […]

MySQL Database Modeling

This post is part of our series on MySQL. We hope to give the average tester a slightly more technical view into how MySQL works. This blog covers the basics of designing a database and gives you an overview of normalization. What is Database Modeling? Database modeling is a process in which you analyze the application requirements, usually retrieved from […]