How is a query executed in MySQL?

This post is for the testers who have some basic idea about MySQL database. I want to put up few things I came across when I dove deeper into MySQL. Here’s a brief overview of the order in which a query is executed inside a MySQL server. When you execute a SQL query, the order in which the SQL directives […]

My experience working remote

This is an article about my experience working remote, the challenges which I faced and how I tried overcoming them. I hope this article would be helpful for people who have recently started working remote or who are planning to work remote soon. A Great start The thought of working remote may excite some people or put off some people. […]

MySQL Architecture and Layers

Many testers know how to write SQL queries and how to fetch data from the tables. But only a few understand the internal architecture and how MySQL interacts with storage engines. This blog discusses the MySQL architecture, different layers and journey of SQL statement in MySQL data. MySQL architecture is broken into three layers basically which can be defined by, […]

State of Testing Survey: 2017

It’s January. Which means the State of Testing Survey 2017 has gone live. This is a worldwide survey that tries to identify the existing state of testing. Taking the survey is one step into bringing more transparency into our profession. If you are a tester, please consider participating in the survey. Like most surveys, you will receive a report with […]