Using Firebug 2.0 to craft XPaths

Firebug has been my favorite Firefox add-on for a long time now. In the time before every browser had decent developer tools, Firebug was a revolutionary add-on that allowed many testers, like myself, tools to interact, learn and explore what web applications were doing. I recently upgraded my Firebug to version 2.0. I was pleasantly surprised to find a cool […]

The art of writing xpaths

Problem: Writing XPaths is hard and confusing when there are no unique identifiers XPath (XML Path Language) is a query language for selecting nodes from Document Object Models (DOM) like XML, HTML, etc. XPaths are frequently used with Selenium scripts to uniquely identify elements in page. This post is a descriptive tutorial on how to think about xpaths and write […]

Cross browser testing tools

Problem: Maintaining testing infrastructure for testing across different combinations of browser, browser version and platform is difficult and time consuming. Of late, there are many tools that help testers quickly spin up any combination of browser, browser version and platform. Below, we give a brief outline of some tools that we use at Qxf2 Services for doing cross browser testing. Cross […]