Rust Meets Relational Databases: A Rusqlite Guide

Rusqlite is a Rust implementation of the SQLite database engine. Qxf2 is learning Rust and sharing our learnings through blog posts. In this post, we will explore the key features of Rusqlite and how to get started using it in Rust projects. We’ll cover Installation, Creating the Database , Creating tables and adding data into the tables. How to get […]

How to Switch pages in Page Object Model

At Qxf2 , we provide tips and tricks to make testing more efficient and smoother. This post documents the switch_page functionality of Qxf2’s Page Object Model. Our framework uses a PageFactory class to interface the tests and modeled pages. When the automation wants to interact with a new page of the application, it can simply ask PageFactory for the new […]

Hosting cars-api Flask app using Docker

This blog talks about hosting cars-api Flask app using Docker. Docker is a set of platform as a service to deliver software as packages, called Docker containers. These are the standalone, lightweight, executable packages that could include necessary packages to run an application. Docker Images would turn to containers when they run on the Docker Engine. In the below steps, […]