HL7 introduction for software testers

If you test software in the healthcare domain, it is likely that you have heard of the beast known as HL7. HL7 or Health Level 7 is one standard for transferring data between information systems in a hospital. The data relates to key events in a patient’s stay like admission, lab tests, surgery time and notes, any medication administered, x-Rays and other tests run, discharge details, etc. Testers who have worked with HL7 can confirm how difficult it is to get started with HL7. Most HL7 introductions are written from the perspective of the hospital staff or from the perspective of developers. There is very little written for testers looking to get started with HL7. Not anymore.

HL7 introduction for testers by a tester

Raji Gali, the first employee hired by Qxf2, has put together an excellent 15-minute video introducing HL7. She covers the problem that HL7 tries to address, typical HL7 feeds, some sample HL7 messages, a tool to make HL7 more readable and a whole host of useful information about HL7. For testers, this video is an excellent resource to get started with learning HL7.

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