Two habits to improve the image of testers

Problem: “Manual testers” are often treated as second class citizens in the world of software. I wrote a long post about the ideas of the leading testing minds and Qxf2’s own thoughts on solving the perception problem around “manual testing”. Turns out that 1800+ words of my writing is a poor way to capture attention. Since the problem is near […]

Cool things I read this week (10-Aug-2014)

I read. A lot. And I share the 5 best things I read every week. 1. Judit Polgar retires 2. Algorithm detects Ebola outbreak 9 days before humans could 3. Major advancements in computer chess since Deep Blue 4. Flow vs resource efficiency explained with Lego 5. LOL QTP My notes: 1. Judit Polgar retires A sad day for chess. […]

Get started with TestNG

We wrote this post for testers who want to get started with TestNG. You will learn about some popular annotations used in TestNG. We also show you how to parameterize your automated checks. TestNG is a testing framework influenced from JUnit and NUnit but has some great features which makes it more powerful and easier to use. Some basic knowledge […]

Rethinking “manual testing”

Problem: “Manual testers” are often treated as second class citizens in the world of software. Are you fed up of being branded as a “manual tester”? Are you tired of how often people place automation on a pedestal? Do you tear your hair when people ignore your creative thought process and rush to “automate” the excellent information you uncovered? If […]

Cool things I read about this week (03-Aug-2014)

Fun things I read this week. 1. redBus startup drama 2. A pilot complaining about “automated flying” 3. The case against time zones 4. Not all team members are equal 5. Make recruitment a daily habit My notes: 1. redBus startup drama A pity. From all I have read, redBus had passionate, hardworking and highly motivated employees. This 2012 article […]